Denver now has a record store that is focused on punk, metal and hardcore and holy shit am I stoked. Everyone go to Chain Reaction ASAP. #colfax

Snuck off to Reckless Records. Great store, and the clerk told me this was the smallest location. Great Punk/Metal/ Hardcore selection (at Reckless Records)

My grandmothers’ house wasn’t built to facilitate the height that comes on her son-in-laws side of the family (at Blair, Nebraska)

This shirt is perfect (at my fuck lair)

Denver Black Sky was great yesterday. Brutal Truth, Nausea (not pictured), Phobia, Call of the Void, The Drip and Early Graves (both not pictured) were the standouts. Made me really wish that I was able to go on Saturday. #denverblacksky #phobia #brutaltruth #callofthevoid

I’m starting #augustrecordaday a day early. The first show that I ever went to was Through The Eyes of the Dead, Haste The Day, All That Remains and As I Lay Dying in 2006(ish) at the Gothic Theater. My buddy Nacho took me and that was back when all of those bands were putting out their best material. I was 14 so we snuck me in by saying that I was Nacho’s younger brother and we swore that I was 16. Not sure how the theater employee justified a short Mexican dude having a tall and pasty younger brother but they did and that was my first jump down the rabbit hole.

My favorite

Ramones Are Dead; Long Live Ramones



July 12, 2014
by Bryne Yancey

With the sad news of Tommy Ramone’s passing at age 62 from complications related to bile duct cancer, which sounds like a particularly painful way to exit this mortal coil, all four original members of Ramones—Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy—are dead and gone. Literally, Ramones are dead.

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I either need a tan or more tattoos…or both #whitepeopleproblems


Best Motivational Pictures I’ve ever seen

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